Jimmys Adventure

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Jimmys Adventure

This story is about my . I was a twenty-two year old collage student and still hadn't had sex. My friends mocked me, saying I would dye a virgin that was until I brought Kelly to the dorm. I remember the night like it was yesterday. 

Kelly and I had been going out for about a week. She was the hottest girl I had ever seen. Kelly was also twenty-two and fully developed. Kelly was five foot six, one hundred and pounds, and had a large chest. Just looking at her made my dick jump. She had brown hair and, I thought she was shy. I had to have her, but when. Finally it came to me a camping . 

When I first pitched the idea of a camping trip to Kelly she wasn't happy. Kelly was a city girl. After much persuasion Kelly agreed to go camping at the lake with me. 

I planed everything. I got a tent, a sleeping bag, lights, and condoms. The trip was set for Friday of the upcoming weekend. It was only Tuesday and so I thought the week would go quick. That week was the slowest of my life. Each day went by so slowly real forced anal against her will I couldn't stand it.

When Friday finally came I packed up my car and went to pick Kelly up. I greeted her at the door and put her bags in the car. It was five o"clock when we got on the road, but the drive was only about an hour so I wasn't worried. When we got to the trail it was six and we were ready to hike into the woods. The hike was about two miles long and all I her was complaining on the way in. when we arrived at the site I set up the tent and put the one sleeping bag in it. Then I made a fire and we eat dinner. 

Kelly was very edgy and said she needed to change. So she went into the ten and I was left alone to think of how I was going to make this night happen the way I wanted. I was so excited when I herd the zipper on the tent opening and when I turned around I was stunned. 

There stood Kelly only warring a T-shirt that was way to small for her and panties. The shirt was cling to her tits and her were very visible. Need less to say I was now as hard as a rock. Kelly hinted for me to follower her and I was not going to say no. She led me to the lake. She looked so dam hot, her body outlined by the moonlight on the lake. Kelly wanted to go for a swim and said that I couldn't go in, in my cloths. I needed no further invitation.

I quickly striped into my boxers and the pressure on my dick was unbearable. As I looked at Kelly all I say was her head. It was shaking back and forth noting that I had not gone far enough. Kelly moved over to me and got down on her knees. Slowly she put her hands on my hips and moved my boxers to my ankles and then completely off. Then she motioned for me to go into the lake xnxxv sunny leone video whine she finished undressing. As I got into the water she removed her shirt and panties. Never in my life had I seen something more beautifully. Then she stepped into the lake and swam toward me.

When she got to me I was ready to explode. As I couldn't wait any longer I grabbed her arm and pulled her toward me. Then she was close enough I started to kiss her and I felt a hand move over my dick. The felling was amazing and I could barely stay a float. Fearing that we would die so we swam to the shore and I carried her back to the campsite. The fire was dwindling, but who cared. 

I laid a blanket on the ground and placed Kelly on it. We laid head to toe as she placed my dick in and out of her mouth. I had to repay the favor so while I was getting my first blowjob I went down of her. I slowly moved my tong in and out, up and down her Clint. When Kelly came in my mouth I exploded in the largest orgasm of my life. Sure I had jacked off before, but that was nothing compared to this. 

Then we kissed and played with each other while I was beginning to get hard again. When I was hard as a rock I started to move her legs apart when she stopped me and mumbled that she had never had sex before. I assured her that I would go slowly and I did. I slowly moved my dick into her pussy when I met a barrier. From what I herd from my friends I new that I had to push through the barrier. As I slammed through Kelly cried out and I just held my dick still for a minute to try and stretch her pussy. When she said to keep going I started moving in and out rapidly until we both came at the same time. 

This continued for the rest of the night. After a wile we moved into the tent and got in the sleeping bag. When I woke up in the morning I realized that the condoms were untouched. I was lucky Kelly did not get . 

I finally lost my virginity.