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The /first-time/">first time we are going to meet it will be in a secluded spot that we?ve decided was perfect for us. It was out of the way, quiet and pleasant. We have chatted online and exchanged letters for a while and had built up wonderfully, exciting expectations of how it would be the first time we?d make love. Our letters had gotten more and more passionate and exciting, the images each of us created for each other more than fantastic. I couldn?t wait to feel the touch of your lips on mine, the feel of your tongue rubbing against mine as we kissed long and deep! I ached to feel the warmth of your beautiful body pressed to me, your thighs pressing against mine, your hands caressing me as I caressed you.

You would already be there and watching me as I walked up to the door. Your heart would be racing in anticipation of our love making, wondering how it would feel to have the gently touch of my tongue sliding over your breasts, circling you nipples, making them grow harder and harder. You reached your hand up and touched your breasts through the knot top you had on, feeling the glow of excitement running through your body. You could feel your pussy warm and wet, anxious to feel my tongue inside of you as we had written and talked about so often before now.

You walked to the door as I reached it and opened it for me. I stepped inside and the smile on my face told you how glad I was to finally be with you. The look in your eyes told me that you were just as happy! You walked to me as I shut the door, your arms going around my neck as my arms slid around your waist, pulling me to me. Our lips met, sending sparks of excitement through both of our bodies. Then your mouth opened to let my tongue alain lyle porn slip inside, jus as your tongue slipped into my mouth. Words can?t tell how fantastic this felt, Marie. Our tongues moved around each other?s mouth, probing, touching, creating wonderfully exciting feelings in both of us. My hands slid slowly up and down your back as I pulled you tighter and tighter to me. As our kiss lingered longer and longer your body pressed tighter to, your thighs starting to run up and down against me, driving me wild with desire. You could feel the hardness of my cock s your pussy pressed against me and that turned you on even more. Your nipples were rally hard now, Marie, aching for my lips to kiss them. After indian santali xvideo several minutes our lips parted, our tongues continuing to rub against each other for an even longer time. Words can?t describe how sensuous it was for our tongues to rub together like this! I had never felt anything so wonderfully exciting. Now our tongues separated and I moved my lips to your neck, kissing all over it, moving back toward your ears and then back down to your throat. My caresses were driving your passions higher and higher. You could feel your pussy getting so hot and wet, your panties getting soaked with your love juices. As I ran my tongue around the edge of your ear you moaned softly, calling my name

Your words excited me even more and now I started kissing down lower, my fingers unbuttoning your top, starting from the top, exposing the top of your beautiful breasts to my lips and tongue. You almost came as my lips kissed your breasts, moving slowly closer and closer to your /nipples/hard-nipples/">hard nipples as I finished unbuttoning your top, pushing it back over your shoulders. You moved your arms so the top would fall off and on to the floor as my lips reached your nipple. Another moan of pleasure came from your lips as my tongue came out and slid all around your nipples, first one and then the other. My lips squeezed each one of them just hard enough to feel so very erotic. My hands were sliding along your /gorgeous/">gorgeous legs, first on the outside and then on the inside, caressing your lovely thighs, making you ache even more to feel your naked body against mine.

Your hand reached down and rubbed across the crotch of my pants, feeling my hard cock underneath. The touch of your hand made me groan with delight, wanting so much to be naked with you, Marie, feeling your body melting into mine! My hands found your belt and undid it and then unbuttoning your jeans. Now I unzipped your jeans and I pushed them down, letting them slid down your legs to the floor. I started kissing down your wonderful body, lower and lower, bending my legs as I moved down. Now I was kneeling in front of you, my lips caressing your stomach, my lips drawing a line along the top of your panties and then down along the side., my hands rubbing the back of your thighs, pulling you close to me.

I could taste your wetness as my lips kissed your panties over your hot, wet pussy. Your hands pulled my head tighter to you as you felt yourself moving towards your first orgasm, not there, yet, but getting oh so close! Then I slid my tongue in the side of your panties, touching the side of your pussy, tasting your love juices more and more. I love the way you taste, Marie, and it turned me on even more, my cock aching to be inside of you ? but not yet! I pulled your panties down now, lower and lower, my tongue flowing them down until I reached you waiting pussy. Your panties fell to the floor and you stepped out of them, your legs opening for me. Eagerly I slid my tongue into your pussy, probing, touching, exploring. The feel of my tongue sent shock waves through your body making you moan louder and louder as your excitement grew quickly. You wanted me to keep licking and sucking your pussy for a long, long time ? and that was exactly what I wanted, too!

Now we moved top the bed and you lay down as I lay on my stomach between your beautiful legs, putting them over my shoulders as my tongue re-entered your pussy. I slid my tongue down deep into you, Marie, eating every drop of your love juices, pushing your passions to yet another level. Your hands pulled my head tighter and tighter to you, your hips starting to move around and around as you moved to the edge of your first orgasm. Now my tongue moved up to your clit and as I gently rubbed it I could feel you have that first, gentle orgasm, hearing you moan with erotic pleasure, lust and passion, all in one. Your hips moved out to me as that orgasm grew deeper and deeper, your cum flowing now. I love eating your cum, lady, and I wanted to make you cum more and more. I slid down and ate your cum and then moved my tongue back up to your clit and continued to lick and suck it, driving your passions higher and higher. You moved to another plateau of /ecstasy/">ecstasy, aching to feel another orgasm. Your mind let your body enjoy every sensation that my tongue was giving you. I was touching in all of the ways you had always wanted.

Quickly you were ready to cum again and I felt your hips moving up and down as you got right to the edge ? and then my tongue rubbed in ?that? spot and your whole body spas med as you went into a wonderfully deep, /orgasm/hard-orgasm/">hard orgasm, your moans of passion growing louder and louder as you pulled me tighter to you. This orgasm was fantastic for you, Marie, your back arching as the orgasm took over your whole body ? much to my pleasure! Your cum filled your pussy and I hungrily ate every drop! Now my finger slipped into your pussy and I gently probed around until I found your G spot and gently pressed against it as my tongue continued to caress your /hard/hard-clit/">hard clit. The touch of my finger on your G spot made you feel sensations you had never felt before and it drove you wild.

Nothing had ever felt so great as this ? your words told me I was doing the things that were prefect for you. Oh Marie, I had to make love to you now ? I couldn?t wait any longer to feel my /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock inside of you! But first I wanted to let you enjoy the passion that comes with that really great orgasm, so I kept rubbing your G spot and eating you until I felt you cumming again ? harder and deeper that before. Your hands pulled my face very tight to your pussy as you came again ? this orgasm oh so deep! Only after your hips slowed down, spent from the effort of such a deep orgasm, did I slide up between your legs, my hardness sliding along your thighs. You reached down and guided me inside of you as I leaned down and pressed my lips to yours, your legs wrapping around me, pulling me tight to you. How I love the touch of your naked body against mine, Marie, as I slowly pushed deeper and deeper into you.

The feel of my cock inside of your pussy made you groan with pleasure, our tongues rubbing as our kiss lingered. You could taste your cum on my lips and that added to your excitement. My hips started to rock back and forth very, very slowly as we made love. I was trying to last as long as I could, dearest, because I can?t tell you how fantastic it feels as my cock moves in and out of you! Now my movements were getting faster and faster as I neared my orgasm, but I wanted to hold back even more. Now I pulled back so that just the first couple of inches of my cock were moving in and out of you, making you feel a new, wonderfully exciting feeling. It pushed you right to the edge of another orgasm and as I slowly pushed back all of the way into you I felt your hips push out to mine, as that orgasm starting running through your body. That was all I needed to push me into my orgasm and I pushed as deep as I could into you as my cock started to throb as my cum pumped out of me into your wonderful pussy. You could feel the throb of my cock and then the warmth of my cum and that enhanced your orgasm, your legs locking around me as we pulled each other tight while we came.