Me Dad And a surprised brother

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Me Dad And a surprised brother

Warning: This is a work of complete fiction (I wish it wasn?t but it is) and contains explicit acts of /hardcore/hardcore-gay/">hardcore gay (M/M) incest. If this is illegal in your country or you are underage I ask that you please not read on. Thank you.

Hi let me introduce myself my name is Ray and I am a very happy 16 year old. Even though my mom left us when I was three I am still a basically normal teenager, I am 59 155 pounds very muscular brown hair and green eyes and /circumcised/">circumcised . I Have a loving father named James who is about 62 210 pounds of solid muscle from the heavy machine maintenance he does, has jet black hair and lovely green eyes and not circumcised. A Brother one year my younger named Gary who is very short like my mom and he is about 54 but he is 145 pounds has brown hair and blue eyes who is also circumcised. Me and my brother are muscular because of all the football training we do at home and at school. and a beautiful black lab named shadow. We seem like just a close family that loves each other but we love each other in a special way as well. Let me tell you how this all started a year ago.

Me and my brother are on my junior high football team and we have practice on every Friday from 3 to 4:30. But one Friday we missed practice because the night before there was quite a lot of vandalism and stuff stolen so after school the police arrived to check things out and we would have only gotten in the way. On the way home my brother told me to tell dad he was going to a friends house and left on his way. 

I got home and went inside looking for dad, xxx I heard him upstairs in his room so went on up. I opened his door and my mouth fell open....there he was on his bed jacking of to a /gay/videos-gay/gay-porn-video/">gay porn video. His eyes were closed and he was beating his 8" meat right in front of me while to guys on the video were fucking each other. Because of the loud moaning on the video he didn?t hear me. Like a fool I just stood there staring and getting hard myself. (I have always known I was gay but had never seen a /gay/gay-porn/">gay porn video before or even my dad naked). I stepped back trying to get a better look at my dad through the crack I had opened in the door, but shadow was behind me and I stepped on his tail. He ran away with a loud, yipe!!!. loud enough to snap my dad out of his trance and see me. 

I couldn?t believe what he did next, he just smiled and waved me into the room. When I came in he asked where was Gary? I managed to sputter out a friends house. He pointed over towards the video and asked if I liked what I saw (the guy that was getting fucked was now licking the other guys /asshole/">asshole. I just stared wide eyed to my amazement he asked if I wanted to try it. I dumbly nodded. He commanded me to strip and to get on my hands and knees, I did as I was told. He knelt down behind me and spread my ass cheeks and started liking around my whole ass with his tongue. I reached for my cock but he stopped and told me he didn?t want me to touch my cock . He wanted me to get broke in the right way. We stayed like that for a long time. Him licking my ass and sometimes he would stop and kiss me. Once he stopped long enough to tell me he knew I was gay. Shortly though we heard shadow barking downstairs and heard Gary call out, so we quit and quickly got dressed and turned off the video which was almost over. We looked at the clock and it was already 4 o clock it had been almost an hour since we started.

We went downstairs and dad started dinner. He is quite a good cook. After dinner Gary said he wanted to go to a friends house over night. Since it was Friday and no school tomorrow dad said yes. I thought perfect. Later that night I went to my dads room as expected he was naked. He told me to come and sit on the bed with him. Before I did I asked how he knew I was gay? He told me he had caught me jacking off one time with my finger up my ass and had also found some gay mags in my bedroom. (I had shoplifted them on several occasions.) But he could never bring it up. He also explained to me that the reason my mom left was that she had found out that he was gay, she didn?t mind that till she caught him with another guy and that ended it. He asked me if I wanted to watch a video with him and I answered, sure!.he went to his closet and brought out a shoe box with about 7 or 8 tapes in it. He told me to pick one so I just pointed to one at random. He told me we could do whatever the guys did in the movie.

The tape started with a guy striping. When he was naked he started to undress the other guy. My dad reached and grabbed my t-shirt just like on the tape. He pulled it off over my head. And reached for my pants he slowly undid them and started pulling them down. When we were both naked he started kissing me timing perfectly with the movie. Suddenly he jumped up and turned off the tape. I asked him what he was doing. He said we should make our own tape. At hearing this I grew even harder then I was to start with. He went and got his camcorder and set it shooting at the bed. He turned it on and went to the very back of his closet and brought out a /boxing/big-box/">big box. This one had a cover so I didn?t know what it was. He picked me up like a bride being carried over the threshold and brought me to the bed in the line of the camera. He sat down and opened the box. I gasped. It was full to the brim with /toys/sex-toys/">sex toys. Many of which were made especially for anal use. he took out a /dildo/double-dildo/">double dildo. I never knew what they were called at that time but I do now so ill use the right names. He took a tube of KY jelly he placed the double to the side and said it was for later. He took out 4 pairs of hand-cuffs which started to make me nervous but I was to horny to care. He strapped my hands to the bed posts and said that, that would keep me from grabbing my dick. Then he cuffed my to legs to the posts on the foot of the bed. It is a big bed so I was spread very wide. He went back to his box and brought out a huge multi speed vibrator. He put lube on it started shoving it in I cried in pain because even though it was lubed it was about 8 inches around and I had only ever had my finger up in my ass. But he said it would feel better and strapped a ball gag on me to keep me quiet. Yes my dad had quite a bit of bondage gear. He finally got it all the way in and tears were running down my cheeks because of the pain. He slowly pulled it back and forth causing me great pain. I was crying. But after a while my ass got used to it and I started enjoying it. When my dad saw I wasn?t crying anymore he shoved it back in all the way and turned the speed on max. I forgot that it could vibrate.

He got up and went to the camera. He got close ups of my tear streaked face and my wide spread ass with that huge vibrator in it. I was very excited at that point. This went on for a while him getting close ups of me and full shots of him licking me all over my young body. Finally what I wanted came. He zoomed out the camera to get a full shot of the bed. Completely unstrapped me and got that beautiful double dildo. He lubed it up and shoved one end up his ass. He told me to get on my hands and knees facing away from him. I did so. Only using his hand to make sure enough stayed out of his ass to go into mine he backed into me and drove the other side up my ass. We started bucking against each other. I loved the feeling of the dildo up my ass and when we would buck against each other our ass?s would touch and our balls would slap together. I came like /crazy/">crazy shot a huge load all over the bed. It was the /orgasm/best-orgasm/">best orgasm I ever had. My dad knew I had cum so he backed up and removed the dildo. He said ?looks like my baby made a mess. He has to clean it up? saying that he pushed my head down into it and commanded me to lick it up. I did this with pleasure. Then he rolled me over onto my back and straddled my chest. He started jacking off and it didn?t take many strokes before he came all over my face. I thought that, that would be it but he started rubbing his cum all over me and my naked body. He rubbed it on my cock and started sucking me off. I was instantly hard again. I came almost instantly. He took the cum that came out of me and smeared it over the rest of my body. He got me to suck him then but before he came he pulled out and once again he came all over me. 

I was to exhausted to move. He got off the bed and got close ups of me /cum/red-cum/covered-in-cum/">covered in cum globs of it in my hair on my face and my whole body shining in it. After I regained my senses he turned off the /camera/video-camera/">video camera and gave me a long passionate kiss. He told me that we should involve Gary next time I nodded in agreement and hugged him. We slept together that night. Our naked bodies cuddling each other and eventually he shoved his dick into my ass. I woke up the next morning still on his dick and full of dried cum. I showered knowing that Gary would be home soon. 

The previous night me and dad had come up with a plan to get Gary. Gary had always loved being in the woods and was always begging for us to go to a cabin my dad had built. It was alone in the woods. It was very rocky and had many cliffs so no one built cabins there. Except us. So when Gary came home my dad asked if we wanted to go to the cabin of corse Gary agreed so that afternoon we went off. We had a long weekend so we were planning to stay till Monday night. For all of Saturday and Saturday night we made sure that Gary had no chance to jerk off. We wanted him extra horny. We went swimming in the lake on Saturday night like we always do. I blushed when dad swam up beside me and reached into my shorts and put his finger up my ass. ?Lets us not jack off either, it?ll be more fun? I smiled in agreement and under the water slapped his ass. The swim had made us all tired so we went straight to sleep. 

The next day we relaxed but made sure someone was always with Gary so as he was forced to stay horny. I noticed he almost steady had a /boner/">boner he was trying to hide. That night we put our plan into action. We had gone on a long hike and had made sure Gary was very tired. While he was asleep dad took the same cuffs and gag he had used for me out of his backpack and we strapped Gary to his bed and gagged him in the same way was done to me. I slowly slipped his shorts down. I didn?t want to wake him yet so I barley licked the end of his cock with my tongue it slowly hardened into a 5 inch boner. My 6 inches were bigger but I still liked his. I quietly stood up above him naked and while dad was very carefully applying lube (im glad Gary is a deep sleeper) I lined my ass up with his cock. When my beautiful dad had finished I slid down on his cock which woke him up. He saw me like that and tried to get away but he realized he was strapped in. He tried to call out but dad was part of it anyway and he was also gagged. He was completely helpless. I felt him tense up so slid off of him so he wouldn?t cum. Dad walked over and started undressing. When he was naked he returned to his bag and took out my favorite toy the double dildo. Gary was horrified. We carefully un strapped Gary but left him gagged and turned him over. Dad had made almost like a stand and put under Gary?s chest to hold him up. And we strapped his arms back in leaving his legs movable. Dad lubed up the dildo and shoved one side up my waiting ass. I got behind Gary as dad had done to me before and backed the other side into Gary?s hole while dad held his legs open. He was locked in and I was loving it. I started bucking while Gary was crying from this painful man cherry popper. Dad slid in under us Gary stayed knelt up because he learned it hurt less is he kept his legs open. Dad was under us licking our dicks and balls as I bucked. after a while Gary got into it and it started to feel good to him. He bucked against me. After a short time me and dad switched places and I was under them licking their cocks. I grabbed Gary?s forcing him to stop bucking and while dad was giving him anal extasy with the double I was giving him a blowjob. It didn?t take long for him to cum. It was a huge load but I swallowed every bit of it savoring the taste. I got up and got dad off the dildo and started fucking Gary with my cock. Dad started fucking me at the same time. Dad came in my asshole sending amazing pleasure through me which made me cum. The pleasure made Gary rock hard again. So dad gave him a tongue fuck while he fucked me. We all collapsed into a heap and never woke up till the next day.

That next night we went home. Me and my brother were kissing each other in the back all the way home. My dad promised us that the next big orgy we had he would teach us the advantages of a foreskin.

The next weekend dad and Gary went out and I was left home alone with shadow. I was very horny and was jacking off with one of dads many dildo?s up my ass. shadow came in and started sniffing my crotch. I had a wild idea. I looked down at shadow and an evil grin spread across my face. But that is another story....................................

Please let me know what you thought of this story. It is the first xxx story I have ever written and porn videos download want to know what you though about it. Please e-mail me at [email protected] and tell me what you think.