Wife gets it good

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Wife gets it good

I have been married for several years and have had man thoughts about wife getting it on with some other guys. Well, by accident, I was off at a work site out of town and worked with a buddy Robbie on this project. It is the /first-time/">first time we had to be out of town and shared an overnight room to complete the project the following day. I had been sitting at the bed watching TV while Robbie took a shower. 

When he was done and in the room changing I couldnt help but notice the size of his cock. It was quite large, and very thick. He must have seen me in the mirror looking at him, and he turned and asked if I liked what I saw. I said he was quiet impressive. He said it got much larger and asked if I would like to see that. I said sure wthout thinking. With that he began stroking it and it did get much longer and thicker. He said it was 13 and 1/4 inches. 

By now he moved closer to where I was and asked me to touch it. I wanted to, but hesitated. I did touch it, and before I knew it, I was sucking the large head. He then proceeded to ask me abot wife and how she would like to fuck a cock this size. I just moaned, and I think it made me suck it better, because in a while, Robbie gave me a goosurprize.

After that weekend, I went back and told Jane about Robbie and his assets and how he xxx sex video download free com would have her begging to fuck his cock. She said I dont beg for sex. She has a great body with 38DD and really /nipples/big-nipples/">big nipples. Well, I set up the encounter 2 weeks later and made it a point not to fuck her the last 10 days. When we finished work that evening we retired to the motel again, but with my wife in a separate room,and Robbie next door. We went over to visit and after some small talk, I excused myself to get a soda. I wasnt gone 5 minutes, but when I got back, Robbie had her on her knees sucking his /cock/big-cock/">big cock and her tits were out also. She has only been with 1 other man until Robbie. He is at least twice as big as me and she sucked it like she was out of control. 

They removed the rest of their clothing and got in to bed. He asked her to beg for his cock. At first she refused. But as he put the big head up ad down her pussy, she was pleading with him to fuck her. He asked her about my cock and she went on to say how now she could be fucked by a real man, a big man. She screamed in delight and came like never before. Finally, he shot one of his big loads in her, and theyrested. 

I heard her wisper in his ear, and she called me over. She asked if I wanted to fuck her, and of course I did. Then she asked me to eat her and lick out all the cum. I got right down on her, and this drove her /crazy/">crazy. She then sucked Robbie back to life, and when I was done, Robbie asked me how I liked it. I said he should fuck her again. He said he would, but wanted me to beg sexxxx video ful hd him to fuck her. I got on my knees and begged him to please stick that big cock of his in her and give her pleasure. He told me to suck on him, which I complied. This really got jane hot. Then she moved me a side and pushed Robbie on his back and began to sit down on his impressive cock. She really gave him a ride. She had several more orgasms after that. We left, but we were never the same, but we were happy.